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Woman Tells All in Disturbing Testimony, Puts Pedophile Father on Blast

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Woman Tells All in Disturbing Testimony, Puts Pedophile Father on Blast

Over the weekend a young woman launched a brave call for justice on Facebook, demanding the man who sexually abused her face justice. That man, she says, is her biological father.

On Feb. 4, 25-year-old Ariana Johnson decided she would no longer hold her peace regarding the abuse she and some of her family members endured at the hands of her father Derrick Ivan Johnson.

What prompted Johnson to give her testimony were a couple videos that recently circulated around social media – one involving a man committing an inappropriate sexual act with a young girl and the other was a separate testimony another woman gave regarding her childhood abuse.

And it’s a good thing she did, because according to Johnson, her abuser is still roaming the streets of Pomona, California, and befriending young girls on Facebook.

Johnson says her father began sexually abusing her at just six years old, and the things he did to her were nothing short of disturbing. Sometimes he even tried to bribe her with money, treating his baby girl as if she were some prostitute off the street. If she refused, he made her do them anyways.

These traumatic experiences did not only affect her but also her three brothers. Johnson said she would beg her father to leave them alone and only do those things to her. As she grew up, she found out all the begging made no difference – her brothers also suffered the same abuse.

For Johnson, this went on from the age of six to eight, when she was put into foster care, moving home to home for much of her youth.

For the most part, Johnson says she did not get the worst of it, though she did not come out unscathed. She says she has sever emotional issues and is “a little crazy.” As for her brothers, one is in jail, one is homeless, and the other she doesn’t know.

What hurts Johnson the most is how her mother did nothing to help her. Johnson says she wrote her a letter when she was eight and her mother “balled it up” and acted like nothing happened. To this day, her mother is not in her life, nor her 15-year-old granddaughter’s life. On top of that, she sees her family members add him on Facebook and wish him happy birthday, as if they “caught amnesia” a he didhe horrible things he did.

Some day, Johnson hopes her father will at least come clean about the pain he’s inflicted on his family. Until then, hopefully other innocent lives will be saved by her testimony.

Please help spread the word.

Derrick Ivan Johnson. His daughter, Ariana,, says he is still stalking young girls on Facebook.

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