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Woman Steals Uber Driver’s Tips, Then Complains About Harassment After Video Goes Viral

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Woman Steals Uber Driver’s Tips, Then Complains About Harassment After Video Goes Viral

A Brooklyn woman has received a lot of unwanted attention after a video went viral showing her stealing from an Uber driver’s tip jar. Now, she claims she’s experiencing harassment on social media because of the incident.

Although the incident happened in August, it hadn’t gotten much traction on social media until the clip was shared on Reddit last week.

The video, recorded by the Uber driver, shows 18-year-old Gabrielle Canales snatch the content of the man’s tip jar before bolting out of the car. Moments later, the driver realized what she had done and honked his horn, but she kept going.

“I understand I’m completely wrong and I’m not denying it,” Canales told Buzzfeed News. She went on to say she regretted taking the driver’s cash and paid him back the same day.

Canales posted a screenshot of a receipt for $5, the amount she claims she stole.

Despite her change of heart and attempting to right her wrong, Uber has banned Canales from using their services permanently.

“The lesson was learned that same day. That’s why the gentleman was paid back,” she told Buzzfeed.

Since then, Canales has sought to defend herself on Twitter after others blasted her numerous times for the theft.

“if you don’t like me then your just not going to like me because i’m not here to please people. i did something 3 months ago and the man was paid back 3 months ago before it went viral, sorry i refuse to give attention to something that’s irrelevant to me,” she tweeted Sunday.

See the video that started the whole ordeal above.


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