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White Women Who Assaulted Two Black Men for Kneeling During National Anthem Identified

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White Women Who Assaulted Two Black Men for Kneeling During National Anthem Identified

The identities of the White women who tossed a drink on two Black men kneeling during the National Anthem at a Los Angeles Lakers game this past week have been confirmed.

Savannah Sugg, a California Baptist University student, recorded her friend Haley Perea dousing two men with her drink while saying, “This is for the national anthem, you pieces of shit.”

“Take a kneel for the land of the slaves. Disrespect our flag and our country and this is how we’ll respond,” Sugg said to the two men Matthew Brady, 20, and Jiahn Talebi, 21 at a preseason game in Ontario, CA.

But that’s not all. The Tab has found Perea used the n-word more than a dozen times on her social media accounts, which have all been deleted. Both girls also posed for a photo op at a racist party reportedly dressed up as “urban Black people.”

The incident was not received well on Twitter, as many called for the Sugg and Perea’s expulsion from the university and for Suggs’ job to fire her.

“California Baptist University does not support or condone such behavior,” Cal Baptist’s Dean of Students Anthony Lammons said to The Tab. “Based on the video, the incident did not take place on our campus. Nonetheless, CBU takes such behavior very seriously; we will investigate, and take appropriate action.”

As many know, the act of kneeling during the National Anthem is to show solidarity with athletes like Kaepernick who have been protesting social inequality and police brutality towards people of color. The movement originated with two former San Francisco 49ers players, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, who were the first to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. Since then, Trump has called for players who kneel during the National Anthem to be fired.

Sources close to Brady and Talebi said they are contemplating pressing charges against the two women. The men, who have gotten lawyers, also said that when they attempted to pursue the women to make sure they were caught by authorities, a White man brought one of them to a halt and said, “you better have some respect, boy.”

Brady and Talebi were then told by officers investigating the situation to leave or face arrest.


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