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White Woman Goes Off on Biracial Daughter for Posting ‘#TakeTheKnee’ on Facebook

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White Woman Goes Off on Biracial Daughter for Posting ‘#TakeTheKnee’ on Facebook

On Sunday, a young woman posted screenshots of a heated argument she and her mother were having on Twitter that has since gone viral.

The exchange took place after the mother saw a post her daughter, Kiara, made on Facebook in which she says “#TakeTheKnee,” in support of NFL players like Kaepernick who have been kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

The mother, who is White, feels the gesture disrespects the U.S. military personnel who have fought for their country, including her father. Furthermore,
she says her daughter did not vote, and therefore has no right to voice her opinion on the matter.

But Kiara did not budge. She argued that kneeling is not disrespectful to the military and that kneeling is “a stance against social injustice and inequality of people.”

Kiara asserts that her mother should be more supportive of the protest because “her daughter is Black,” but her mother contends that the fact she is Black has “nothing to do” her belief that taking a knee is disrespectful.

In the following text Kiara adds that the National Anthem is “racist,” in reference to the controversial third stanza that recently caught America’s attention. Apparently, her mother is unaware of this, as her reply is simply, “How the hell is the anthem racist?”

Kiara’s courage to stand up to her mother has inspired many across the Internet. Expressing views that may conflict with their White friends’ and relatives’ is often a problem that many people of color grapple with.

Read the full conversation below.

The Facebook Post That Started It All

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