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Transgender Couple Shares Their Coming Out Stories

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Transgender Couple Shares Their Coming Out Stories

After receiving a large influx of questions from viewers, a transgender couple decided to post a YouTube video describing their experiences when they first “came out.”

For the transgender woman, who’s adopted the name Aubrey, her journey towards the lifestyle began as a teenager. She confessed to her mother that she was bisexual. Aubrey later came to the realization that she was gay and some time after began to make her transition.

While her life choice was met with some resistance by her immediate family, it seems it did not take them long to come around. Once she committed to making her transition to a female, her mother respected it and has been generally supportive along the way.

The transition process for Aubrey’s boyfriend, however, seems to have been a little more tumultuous.

Her transgender boyfriend, who now goes by the name Jayceon, says he emigrated to the U.S. from West Africa at age 13. He along with a couple of his brothers were brought here by his father. According to Jayceon, he’s always identified more as a male than a female. Back home, he says he used to dress like a tomboy.
He preferred to wear shorts over the skirts and dresses that his mother dressed him in.

Things became more challenging when he came to the U.S. and stayed with his father. At that point, he tried to be more like the girl his father knew him to be, wearing female clothes and dating boys in high school. Because of the values instilled in children where he comes from, it took him time to find the courage to reveal to his father that he was a lesbian. When he did finally come out, his father was crushed with disbelief. Jayceon at different times in his life, while living in the U.S,. ended up in the foster care system and had even been homeless for a couple months leading up to high school graduation.

Jayceon and Aubrey conclude their video on the note that they wanted to “open people’s eyes” and encourage them to be more supportive of their friend or family member’s lifestyle.

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