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Teen Tries to Swing on Her Mother, Ends Up with a Busted Lip!

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Teen Tries to Swing on Her Mother, Ends Up with a Busted Lip!

A viral Facebook video shows a mother-daughter confrontation in Virginia.

UPDATE: If you listen close, you can hear the mother ask her daughter “did he touch you?” presumably referring to her boyfriend. However, she does not believe her daughter’s answer and continues beating her.

The teen is seen getting her hair pulled by her mother in front of her peers. Within seconds of the start of the video, the girl becomes frustrated and starts swinging ather mom.

Taken aback, the mother quickly asserts her dominance, not letting her daughter get the upper hand.

While the mother did tell the group of kids not to record her, cameras continue to roll and catch the whole incident.

It’s not clear what led up to the incident, but it did not end well for the teen. At the end of the video, blood is seen gushing out of her mouth.

Do you think the mother was wrong for publicly shaming her daughter in front of her friends while being recorded? Sound off in the comments below.

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