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Teacher Bribed Students With Good Grades in Exchange for Sex

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Teacher Bribed Students With Good Grades in Exchange for Sex

A schoolteacher is looking at jail time after she made students have sex with her, in return she gave them good grades.

The woman, identified only as Yokasta M, 40, threatened to fail the students if they didn’t sleep with her.

According to Canal 4, she taught at a school in Colombian city of Medellin. A father of one of the victims found pictures of her on his phone and reported her to local authorities. The victim said the former teacher would send inappropriate pictures of herself via WhatsApp after connecting with them on social media.

In exchange for ‘helping with their studies,’ she demanded the 16 and 17-year-olds have sex with her.

Now, she faces up to 40 years in prison and her husband is filing for divorce.

A picture posted online by one of her victims shows her snuggled up on a bed with stuffed animals, one of them covering her vagina.

The accompanying post with the photo reads: ‘This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she disapproves of us if we do not have relations with her.’

Others show her posing in bikinis and and in suggestive positions.

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