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Suicide By Cop: A Justine Damond Theory


Suicide By Cop: A Justine Damond Theory

Suicide by Police: a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately behaves in a threatening manner, with intent to provoke a lethal response from a public safety or law enforcement officer.

Unlike the millions of times White cops murdered Black folks dating back to the American police force’s begining as a slave catching organization, we were immediately given information on the case, including the officer’s first name, Mohammed Noor. But much like those other cases, we weren’t given the full story, and because of that, we find ourselves using the information we have, piecing parts together.

The pieces: Justine admits to being suicidal. Justine called the police. Justine was fervent in pajamas. Justine was shot by Officer Mohammed Noor, a family man who loves his community and dedicated his time to serving them.

Justine spoke extensively about the “darkest point” in her life after watching an alcoholic mother spiral out of control. For years, Justine has dealt with her own depression, wanting to end her own life several times. On the phone with police dispatch, once Justine let them know about the sex noises with a little distress mixed in, no new information was needed, and she should have stayed inside and let the police do their job. Instead, she ran out to meet them to share more information. A white woman in pajamas running toward Mohammed Noor, a Black man, could indeed be a scary site. Afterall, Mohammed Noor is a small man, unlike murderer Darren Wilson who was 6-foot-4 when describing 6-foot-5 recent graduate, Mike Brown.

Officer Mohammed Noor. Peaceful family man and community servant.

Did they drug test Justine? Did they search her background for past criminal offenses and elementary school detentions? Did they ask if her visa was good? Did they find footage of her last visit to Walmart to see where the pajamas were purchased?

Online spectators’ questions have begun, asking, “Why was the officer’s hand already on his gun?” I’m no expert in police policy, but I am a Black American man. Anytime an officer in America approaches me, even just to say “hello,” his hand is busy unbuckling and unholstering his pistol. Another question obviously asked by someone new to the police murders now that it’s happening to someone who looks a little like them, “she seemed like such a happy, loving woman in all her photos, why would they do something like this?” I respond, “well, fortunately for Justine’s family, the media didn’t search the ends of the earth for niggardly images like they did Philando, Trayvon, Mike, and Oscar, then post them to paint a justifying narrative.”

Zach Damond. 2011.

“America sucks,” says Justine’s fiance’s anti-police force son, Zach, before explaining how he wants to abandon America and before explaining how Justine became “very passionate” once the police arrived. See Video Here.

Synonyms of “Passionate:” Violent, Adrenalized, Frenzied, Fiery, Intense, Wild.

Passionate Justine, to a stranger, in pajamas or not, could easily be as dangerous as Hedra Carlson or former officer Johannes Mehserle when he viciously murdered Oscar Grant. Passionate Justine, perhaps, knew it would be her passion that would help achieve her goal: suicide by cop.

Did they ever find the assault she reported?

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