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Social Media Profiles Show Texas School Shooter is a ‘White Supremacist’ (Photos)

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Social Media Profiles Show Texas School Shooter is a ‘White Supremacist’ (Photos)

Before opening fire on innocent students and teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis reportedly shout ‘surprise.’ While initial reports said eight people were killed in the rampage, that number later climbed to 10, nine students and one adult. Additionally, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott said 10 others were wounded at the school. Currently, the suspect is in police custody at Galveston County Jail on capital murder charges. No bond has been set.

The question everyone is now asking is, who exactly IS Dimitrios Pagourtzis?

A look through his now-deleted social media accounts revealed some disturbing insight.

Posted to Pagourtzis’ Facebook on April 30

On April 30, Pagourtzis posted a picture of a t-shirt that reads “Born to Kill” on his Facebok. According to CW39, witnesses saw the suspected shooter wearing a “Born to Kill” shirt and “army boots.” The suspect is “quiet” and “kept to himself,” those witnesses added.

In another photo, Pagourtzis shows off his duster jackets laden with Nazi symbols. He described the various medals on the jacket, including the Iron Cross, which to him represents ‘bravery.’

Pagourtzis’ Instagram page, which was deleted within the last few hours, showed only three photos. One shows a handgun and a knife, another shows a shooting game at an arcade.

The Instagram account that apparently belonged to the suspected shooter only followed a handful of pages. Each of the accounts are linked to guns or Donald Trump.

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