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“Shut Up Slave!”: Man Goes on Racist Rant After Someone Spills Coffee on Him

Mid West

“Shut Up Slave!”: Man Goes on Racist Rant After Someone Spills Coffee on Him

Man faces charges after racist rant and assault outside of Chicago Starbucks.

Chicago, IL — 23-year-old William Boucher verbally attacked a group of bystanders as he left a Starbucks. The incident is said to have started over someone spilling coffee on him.

As he makes his way out of the building, Boucher, who is seen wearing a light-colored suit and carrying a suitcase, became irritated with a man for filming him. The man, who is Black, pays him no mind and continues to record him. The incident became heated after Boucher yells “Shut up, slave! Do not talk to me!” and spits at him. Right then, the two men almost came to blows, but another onlooker stepped in and separated them before any punches were thrown.

Boucher begins to walk away when he suddenly punches a homeless man, knocking him to the floor. After the assault, people rush over and pin him to the ground, where he’s held until police arrive.

Boucher’s Facebook profile states that he is enrolled at a school for students with “severe and persistent mental health challenges, together with life-disrupting symptoms related to being on the autism spectrum or other social and emotional difficulties.”

He faces three charges of misdemeanour battery and will appear in court on July 5.

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