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Sex Party Goes Left After ‘Jealous’ Wife Tries to Attack Husband with Minivan

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Sex Party Goes Left After ‘Jealous’ Wife Tries to Attack Husband with Minivan

Bay City, MI — A couples’ sex party turned violent ended with a woman facing three felony charges.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sheriff’s deputies in Bay County responded to a call about an assault. Dispatchers were told that a woman was attempting to run people over with her vehicle.

When deputies got the residence, they saw a red or maroon Dodge Caravan parked in front and Amber K. Schomaker, 28, trying to get inside the home while clutching a screwdriver. Also outside was her husband, 33, who sustained a wound to his forehead and was bleeding, court records state.

The female resident, 26, who dialed 911 told officers she and her fiance, 31, had invited the Schomakers over for a sex party. According to deputies, Amber Schomaker and the female resident’s fiance were downstairs while her husband was upstairs with the female resident.

When the two upstairs came down, Amber Schomaker smacked her husband and stormed outside. The others followed, only to see her jump in her minivan and head straight toward them. The minivan drove up the curb, onto the sidewalk, and in the direction of the porch where her husband and both residents were standing,
according to the woman.

Both men had to leap out of the way to escape being hit, the woman told deputies.

Amber Schomaker left, but returned within a few minutes and engaged in a physical altercation with her husband.

The male resident and Amber Schomaker’s husband both relayed similar stories as to what had happened. The husband told deputies that his wife assaulted him because she was jealous.

The husband suffered a deep gash to his forehead, bloody scratch marks on his right shoulder, an imprint on his should from where he had been bitten, and was bleeding from his mouth, court documents show. Amber Schomaker sustained a scratch down her back an swollen right cheek.

Amber Schomaker, who seemed to be intoxicated, told officers she used the screwdriver to start the minivan. She said she had drank about a half-fifth of vodka within the last two hours.

At 11:05 p.m., deputies conducted a preliminary Breathalyzer test on Amber Schomaker, after which it was determined that her blood alcohol was 0.156. In Michigan, one is considered legally intoxicated if their blood alcohol level is 0.08 or higher.

Authorities took both Schomakers into custody. The husband’s offense was violating a personal protection order which listed his wife as the protected party.

While on the way to the Bay County Jail, Amber Schomaker warned deputies that she would sue them for false arrest. She further said that she hoped one officer’s wife was cheating on him.

“While in intake, Amber continued to be rude and agitated toward jail staff by kicking the doors, yelling, and taking her clothes off,” wrote one deputy in his report.

Once at the jail, Schomaker would not consent to another breath test until her attorney was present. Deputies then got a search warrant for Schomaker’s and had her taken to McLaren Bay Region hospital for it to be drawn. The results of the test were not revealed in any of the court documents.

On Friday, Sept. 22, Amber Schomaker was arraigned in Bay County District court on three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon — for which she could do up to four years — and single counts of domestic violence and second-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The arraigning judge set her bond at $35,000 cash-surety.

She is scheduled to appear for a preliminary examination at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 12.


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