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San Diego Officer Loses Control on Crowd at Chicano Park

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San Diego Officer Loses Control on Crowd at Chicano Park

A video uploaded to Facebook Tuesday afternoon shows a San Diego police officer lose control as he deals with a crowd of civilians at Chicano Park.

The video, posted by John Vazquez, shows an officer growing increasingly angry as local residents confront him about parking his motorcycle on the park.

As the crowd draws nearer, the officer, identified as Riter Flores, shoves one away from him and proceeds to pull his taser to back them up.

Vazquez is heard telling Officer Flores to holster his weapon and asks the other officer present, Joel Mendoza, to call his supervisor to the scene immediately.

Vazquez then requests Flores’ badge number to which he responds with false identification.

Vazquez and other park visitors were upset because of an agreement between San Diego police and residents stating officers cannot park or drive on the recreational area of the park. They maintain that Officer Flores’ actions violated this agreement.

The officers’ supervisor shows up and attempts to get an understanding of the situation, but Flores interrupts and the argument continues.

There were no reported injuries or arrests during or after the incident.

Here is Vazquez’s account of what led up to the incident in his own words…

Everyone in or around Barrio Logan beware. In Chicano park There has been reports of a motorcycle police officer that will park on Chicano park. Being very unprofessional by Racial profiling, and harassing people. Once we went to the park recording, this happened…

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