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SAD: Instagram Posts Show Dad’s Favoritism for Mixed Daughter Over Dark-Skinned Daughter

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SAD: Instagram Posts Show Dad’s Favoritism for Mixed Daughter Over Dark-Skinned Daughter

A woman screenshotted several of Instagram user @pop_vazquez’s posts that show a stark contrast in the way he treats his two daughters. The difference between them? One is mixed and light-skinned, the other is dark-skinned.

The posts with his mixed child tend to reflect positive, uplifting messages. While those with his dark-skinned daughters are either comical or negative in nature. Take the two images below for instance…

In the posts above he makes references to porn, sex acts, and condoms as he poses with the older, darker-skinned daughter. However, in his posts with the younger, lighter-skinned daughter, his thoughts are much more sentimental and G-rated, to say the least. It’s also interesting to note that the only one dressed in traditionally male clothing is the darker-skinned daughter.

It’s not clear whether he purposely does this to stir the pot for attention or if he really does show favoritism towards his mixed daughter. Either way, some do not like his actions and are putting him on blast.

Many are questioning the authenticity of the screenshots, calling the images fake and accusing the woman of “Photoshopping” them. Looking at @pop_vazquez’s Instagram profile, the captions are definitely not the same, so who can blame them for their skepticism? After all, surely no one wants to believe a father would be so cold as to treat his own flesh and blood better or worse based on the color of their skin.

However, others pointed out that @pop_vazquez has either edited some of the captions or removed the original posts altogether, saying he later reposted them with new captions.

Nonetheless, the Facebook containing the screenshots has been shared more than 2,000 times in 12 hours and continues to spread.

**UPDATE** — @pop_vazquez removed some of the posts that have drawn so much attention on social media and released this statement…

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