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Zimbabwe: Remaining White Farmers Ordered to Leave

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Zimbabwe: Remaining White Farmers Ordered to Leave

Mutare, Zimbabwe — The last of the White commercial farmers in the province of Manicaland ought to leave their properties and move to “Borrowdale in Harare where they can relax and play golf” to make room for landless Zanu PF youths.

These were the words spoken by Kudzai Chipanga, the national youth leader of Zanu PF, at a rally led by President Robert Mugabe in Sakubva on Friday.

Chipanga said most party youths still had no land, having been excluded from the Zanu PF government’s accelerated land reforms. As a result of the land reforms, the majority of White commercial farmers in the country were relieved of their properties by force and told to evacuate.

President, Whites are not superior and you once told us a good White person is one who is asleep,” said Chipanga.

“Whites are not superior; it’s time they totally vacate the farms and find a place somewhere in the leafy suburbs of Borrowdale where they can relax and play golf whilst youths take the opportunity to farm in their own country.”

He said the youth were being left aside in development plans, emphasizing that it was incumbent upon the ruling party to utilize inputs so they can take part in the country’s economic revival.

His sentiments, however, went against a report given to President Mugabe by Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Manicaland, Mandi Chimene, who stated that prominent party officials were hoarding large amounts of unproductive land which should be partitioned to help landless youths.

“Some of our ministers and top officials have large tracts of underutilised land which they are holding on to.

“The land should be sub-divided and benefit the youths as well,” Chimene while bringing Mugabe up to speed during the grand opening of a community information center in Dangamvura.


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