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Race Pimp Quanell X Outed for Stealing Money from the Poor for Over a Decade

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Race Pimp Quanell X Outed for Stealing Money from the Poor for Over a Decade

Accusations have been brought against Houston activist Quanell X by members of his own community.

After almost 20 people came forward accusing Quanell of stealing their money, an investigation was launched by the Houston chapter of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) organization.

After a “full and thorough” investigation into his practices, the organization determined that Quanell’s was indeed guilty of stealing money from the public. Not only is he currently being sued by a number of people, but this is apparently not the first time “he’s been in this situation.”

During the press conference, the organization also made it a point to denounce his actions, and stated he is not a member of the NBPP despite his claims. In fact, he has not been associated with the Party since 2002. Before that, he was terminated from the Nation of Islam for attempting to incite violence against White people.

The Houston-based activist is accused of using his influence to take advantage of people. As a leader in the community, many sought his assistance in various matters. In exchange for his “services,” he would ask for money up front, often times thousands of dollars. Once it came time to make good on his promises, he was nowhere to be found, his accusers say. To be clear, yes, Quanell has helped some people, but as Advise Show host Phillip Scott put it, “they were few and far between.”

Quanell’s alleged crimes did not only affect Houston residents — people in Texas cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and even Louisiana have made similar claims against him.

The amount of income in some of these communities is not that high. When they come out of their own pockets to give Quanell $1,500-$2,000, they are “really digging deep,” Scott said.

According to Scott, Fox26 is aware of the lawsuits against Quanell, however they will not take action because “they are just accusations.”

Scott urges these kinds of charlatans be aired out and exposed:

“It’s bad enough we got White supremacy chasing around and trying to kill us. Now, you got this brother taking money from Black people who are suffering injustices and who are victims.”

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