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Ohio: Euclid Man’s Encounter With Police Turns Violent

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Ohio: Euclid Man’s Encounter With Police Turns Violent

Euclid, OH — A man’s violent encounter with police in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid is quickly going viral.

Just hours ago, as a man was on the ground struggling with police, a bystander began filming the incident. A woman, who was presumably with the man prior to his incident,
also had her phone out recording.

Around 30 seconds into the struggle, one of the officers is seen tossing what appears to be a gun away from the suspect. It’s not clear whether the gun belonged to one of
them or the man.

Within minutes, backup arrives to help keep things under control. The woman is seen yelling at the officers as they apprehend the man. As she gets closer to the officers, one of them gets up and quickly takes her down and puts her in cuffs.

Both the man and woman were taken into custody. It’s not clear what charges they will face or what led up to the arrest.

More to come as the story develops.

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