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Not Guilty: Rape Suspect Proves Innocence After Pulling Penis Out in Court

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Not Guilty: Rape Suspect Proves Innocence After Pulling Penis Out in Court

A Connecticut man went to great lengths prove his innocence in court on Friday.

After an accuser fingered him as the suspect in a sexual assault case, he pulled his penis out in court to prove it did not match the description. As a result, he was found not guilty.

Two days after the ‘unveiling,’ a New Haven jury acquitted Desmond James, 26, of three counts of sexual assault. The accuser had been raped by a Black man whose ‘privates’ were lighter than the rest of his body. Apparently, James’ complexion was not a match.

After the verdict, James’ attorney, Todd Busser, said to The Post, “If it’s not the light one, it’s not the right one.”

The victim chose James out of a photo lineup after reporting that she was raped while walking home one night in 2012. Her disturbing description of the man responsible for the attack was a “dark-skinned black male with big lips and black-people hair,” Busser said. “There were a number of troubling aspects in terms of the allegation. It evoked negative racial stereotypes. We felt in general that it didn’t describe our client.”

The most important inconsistency, though, was the description of the suspect’s ‘family jewels.’ So, Busser offered to prove James’ innocence by having his client stand in the center of the courtroom with his penis out.

James called the testimony ’embarrassing,’ but worth it in the end. “If your liberty is at stake, he was willing to do that,” Busser said.

Though he did not commit this crime, James is currently serving a 65 year sentence for another crime that involved breaking into a home and raping a 10-year-old girl, according to documents. Yikes.


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