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LAPD Officer’s Own Body Cam Catches Him Planting Drugs on Suspect

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LAPD Officer’s Own Body Cam Catches Him Planting Drugs on Suspect

A disturbing story has made its way on to the Internet courtesy of CBS LA.

The Los Angeles-based news station obtained exclusive body cam footage that shows two officers caught in the act of planting cocaine on a hit and run suspect. The officers then lied about the manner in which the drugs were found on the police report.

In the footage, one officer, Samuel Lee, is seen searching the suspect. Another officer, Gaxiola, picks up a small square bag containing an undisclosed amount of cocaine and begins to motion suspiciously to Officer Lee. Gaxiola then puts the drugs inside the suspect’s wallet, which had previously been lying on the street. His body cam also caught him bragging to his fellow officers on the scene about the “narco” he found.

While all of this is happening, Gaxiola is unaware that his body cam is already on. He only attempts to turn it on after the drugs are planted. However, all he did was activate the camera’s audio.

In the official police report, an officer wrote that the drugs were found inside the suspect’s front left pocket, however, the video, very clearly, tells another story.

Officers Lee and Gaxiola both declined to comment on the matter and are currently in court fighting charges stemming from the incident.

CBS LA reports that the LAPD has refused to release any body cam since the program started two years ago until now.

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