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This Japanese Restaurant is the First in the World to Serve Human Meat

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This Japanese Restaurant is the First in the World to Serve Human Meat

A restaurant in the Japanese city of Tokyo has officially become the first in the world to legally offer human meat.

The restaurant, whose nickname “Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin” translates to “Edible Brother,” recently opened its doors to the general public. People from all over the world came to see what the hype was about. Prices on the establishment’s assorted menu range from 100 to 1000 euros. The entree containing human meat is on the higher end of that spectrum, costing a whopping $1,193 US dollars.

According to international news sources, an Argentinian tourist was the first customer to consume “Edible Brother’s” signature human meat dish.

“It’s kind of like eating pork,” the customer said, “in this restaurant they cook the meat with spices, so the taste is hardly noticeable.”

In 2014, Japanese legislators passed a law that allows the consumption of human flesh on the condition that its sanitation levels met the required standards. The sources from which the meat can be acquired is also very strict. Despite these measures, there is no doubt the majority of the world’s population would find this practice completely disturbing, to say the least.

Of course that now begs the question, how do they get the meat?

Apparently, people agree to sell their remains to the restaurant when they pass away. In return, their family is given approximately 30,000 euros, or roughly $35,800. Of course, the donor’s designated recipients are the only ones who can claim the money.

If one chooses to offer their body to the restaurant after their death, they must agree to eat a special diet, which ensures their flesh will be suitable for consumption.

Would you consider donating your body for human consumption after you die? Sound off below.

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