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Irene Roberts Tells All About the Death of Kenneka Jenkins in Shocking Interview

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Irene Roberts Tells All About the Death of Kenneka Jenkins in Shocking Interview

To this day, the exact details surrounding Kenneka Jenkins’ death remains a mystery to many across the world. So, Chicago-based videographer ZackTV1 sat down with Irene Roberts to try and bring more clarity to the situation.

For those who don’t know, Irene was a friend of Kenneka and the host of the party Kenneka attended the night she died. It was her viral Facebook Live video that raised suspicions of foul play in Kenneka’s death.

This interview, it seems, is her attempt to clear her name and finally give inquiring minds some much needed answers.

The interview opens with ZackTV and Irene talking about life after the incident. The 21-year-old says she has received threats from random people online threatening to harm her and her family, adding that her home address has also been plastered all over the Internet. It got to the point where she feels scared to leave her home.

The interviewer then begins to shift the dialogue to the night of the hotel party, starting from the moment Kenneka and other friends arrived. As she describes the events from earlier in the night, she admits she was “off ecs” (ecstasy) so her memory was a little hazy. Nonetheless, her account of what took place in the now-infamous Facebook Live video contradicts what many believed was happening.

Viewers on social media thought they heard someone mention Kenneka was being raped, however, Irene says this is not true at all. Not only was the subject of ‘rape’ not being discussed, the room they were in was a standard hotel room, not a suite with multiple rooms. When asked if anyone was in the bathroom, Irene said no. This makes the theory that Kenneka was raped in the room doubtful.

From there, Irene goes on to talk about the moment she knew Kenneka was drunk. She recalls how Kenneka was leaning against a wall while everyone else in the room danced. Then some time after Kenneka stumbled into a lamp, then fell on to the bed went to sleep.

Later, Kenneka’s friend, Monifah, comes and picks her up off the bed and they prepare to leave.

According to Irene, Kenneka’s friends, Monifah and Maya, return to the room to get the car keys and Kenneka’s phone, which up to that point had been used to play music at the party. Meanwhile, Kenneka was waiting in the hall. Moments later, she disappeared.

Since she was not in the hall, Irene couldn’t offer any specific details about what had happened once Kenneka, Monifah and Maya had left the room. Within the short time her friends reentered the room to get the keys and Kenneka’s phone, she wandered off.

Irene goes on to say she felt the hotel handled the case very suspiciously. We learn from her account that Kenneka’s hair was found ‘all over her’ when her body was found in the freezer, in the basement of the hotel.

When asked if she believed anyone at the party is a potential suspect, she denies it, and explains that everyone there was all familiar with each other.

One thing Irene wanted to stress to the world was that at no point did she or other friends leave Kenneka. She says never left the room to begin with at the time Kenneka disappeared and Maya and Monifah had only stepped away to grab their things.

While the interview only raises more questions than answers, Irene seems to answer each question to the best of her ability. For now, the mystery surrounding Kenneka’s death continues.

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