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Black Teen Kidnapped from Bus Stop and Assaulted was Racially Targeted

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Black Teen Kidnapped from Bus Stop and Assaulted was Racially Targeted

HOUSTON, Texas — Monday afternoon a young teen was kidnapped at his bus stop and was spotted fleeing from the suspects with ripped clothes and no shoes, Houston police say.

The victim’s mother, Michelle Lee, called police when her son Zavion Parker, 13, never made it home from school.

While officers were collecting information, Parker was found safe, but he had endured what seemed to be a very traumatic experience.

The middle school student told authorities that minutes after he got off the school bus, five teenage boys came up to him and forced him into a red four-door truck with flames on the side.

Parker told police that the suspects, along with one adult male driver, drove him to an empty house or cabin and attacked him.

The suspects reportedly took his jacket, shoes, phone and keys.

Lee said the kidnappers sent threatening messages to her from her son’s phone, saying they were going to “kill him.”

When the group went into a different room, allegedly to load a gun, Parker told Eyewitness News that he ran as quickly as possible.

Zavion Parker, 13, was the victim of what appears to be a racially motivated kidnapping and assault.

A witness, Camecia Carmouche, saw the teen running with a torn shirt and no shoes while driving some distance away from the house.

Carmouche wasted no time, and called police.

Houston police released a description of the driver. He is a heavy-built white man with straight orange hair and a racial tattoo on his arm.

According to Parker, the tattoo on the suspect’s arm says, “I hate black people.”

Because of the tattoo, Lee believes her son was racially targeted.

Parker was checked out after the incident and is doing better.

Lee wants the suspects brought to justice and to warn parents to keep a close eye on their children.


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