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H&M Under Fire for Using Racial Slur in Black Child’s Clothing Ad

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H&M Under Fire for Using Racial Slur in Black Child’s Clothing Ad

Social media users were shocked Sunday night after screenshots from a popular clothing company’s website surfaced showing a racial slur printed on a child’s hoodie.

In the ad, a Black child is seen wearing a hooded jacket that reads “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” The term “monkey” is widely known as a slur for people of African descent, particularly in the United States.

Some have rejected the claim, pointing out that the price for the item is listed in euros, which infers that the item is only sold in Europe, not the U.S.

Others however aren’t buying this argument. They assert that the design on the hoodies worn by the White child models in the ad are not remotely as inflammatory. The fact that the Black child was chosen to wear that specific design, they say, is not a mere coincidence.

On the other hand, some suggest that the child’s parents should be held equally, if not more accountable for what the child is wearing.

At the time of publishing, H&M has not released a statement on the matter. More to come as story develops.

See the full ad here.

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