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He’s Not My Type: Woman Seeks Advice on How To Gently Break the News to Her Man

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He’s Not My Type: Woman Seeks Advice on How To Gently Break the News to Her Man

“Nice guys finish last…”

After helping put the pieces of her life back together and providing the financial backing needed for her to reach her full potential, a humble, working class man is apparently no longer good enough for this haughty 26-year-old lawyer.

At 14-years-old, Jezebel’s reincarnation tragically lost both of her parents and was left to fend for herself. No longer able to afford her school fees, she was forced to drop out. That was, until she met a guy of upstanding character who decided to send her back to school at the age of 16.

The guy took it upon himself to literally sell fruit on the street to pay her school fees that he otherwise could not afford. Man, what a catch!

Because of this guy’s generosity, sacrifice and unconditional love for the backstabbing harlot, she made it through high school. He later got a job as a truck driver so she could attend a university.

On his dime, the gold digging hussy graduated from college and is now a successful lawyer. Who said dreams don’t come true?

Oh, but there’s just one problem: he’s not her type. Apparently she wants a man in her own class and not some two-bit truck driver…tuh!

But, hey…at least she has the decency to let him down gently and not want to hurt his feelings, right?

So, what d’ya say, ladies? Can you help a sista out?

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