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FALSE: Bullying Victim Keaton Jones Was Not Robbed & Did Not Buy Expensive Items w/ Donations

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FALSE: Bullying Victim Keaton Jones Was Not Robbed & Did Not Buy Expensive Items w/ Donations

Earlier today, articles began circulating across social media claiming bullying victim Keaton Jones was beaten and robbed. Our writers here at BTNOMB have found that these reports are totally FALSE.

Keaton Jones was not robbed and donations received from the GoFundMe campaign launched by Joseph Lam have not been used to by any expensive items — designer clothes or otherwise.

In fact, Lam’s most recent update on the GoFundMe campaign indicates the funds have not even been distributed to the family yet. He says:

Good Afternoon everyone, I’ve been working diligently on this today. I know things have taken an unexpected turn here with this story but the cause is still the same. This was about Bullying, specifically in this case, Keaton. Im working on a couple of things but will not move forward without approval from everyone. I think we can use this for some good. But again it will be the decision of everyone. Here are my thoughts.

Keaton College Fund $25,000
-I have an attorney looking into this for me
There were 2 recent suicides of kids that were bullied.
I feel we can donate to this as well.
With the balance, there is a program called Rachels Challenge that I’ve been in contact with. They go to schools and teach kids about the story of Rachel. Its a really awesome program and not only teaches kids about being kind to one another it puts it into action. For those that no longer want to be involved with this fund you can request a refund at the link below. Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you.

If you wish to have a refund contact below.

Furthermore, GoFundMe’s Help Center states that it takes 2-5 business days for withdrawals to process. And since the campaign was still receiving donations as of yesterday, it is not possible for Keaton to have shown up to school on Monday with items he bought with that money.

Today, Keaton sat down with CBS This Morning for an exclusive interview. As you can see, he does not have so much as a scratch on his face. There is simply no indication that he endured such a brutal beating yesterday as the hoaxes claim.

While that information is false, the claims that his mother posed with a Confederate flag is indeed true. It is also true that nearly $60,000 was raised on Keaton’s behalf, though the campaign is no longer accepting donations.

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