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Eat Fresh?: Ex-Subway Worker Describes Having to Serve Customers Rotten Food

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Eat Fresh?: Ex-Subway Worker Describes Having to Serve Customers Rotten Food

Ahead of a buy one sub, get one free special at Subway this past Friday, one former employee spilled the beans on one of the franchise’s not-so-fresh practices.

The woman claims to have worked at a Subway located in the city of Newport News, Virginia. In a Facebook post published Thursday afternoon, she goes into detail about the sub-standard conditions in which the food they served customers was kept.

Along with preparing food under a ceiling leaking “yellowish oranigsh” liquid, the ex-sandwich artist recalls a time when the temperature inside the restaurant was 84 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a week. This is over the required temperature for their meats and vegetables.

On top of that, the woman asserts that she and other employees were forced to serve customers moldy vegetables, lest they be accused of trying to waste their boss’s money. Instead, he instructed them to wash the mold off and continue cutting them. The rotten food, she says, attracted “a boat load” of fruit flies. To make matters worse, there was no way for them to cover it.

People immediately began to question the woman’s story, and asked why she didn’t think to contact the health department or tell customers. Her response to the inquiry was that she was told they would contact her boss. She also clarified that she did tell customers what was going on when they came in.

Aside from being fed up with the franchise’s “mediocre” slogan, the woman says she wanted people to be aware of the unsanitary conditions of the franchise as they prepared for “buy one sub, get one free” day.

The accusations are certainly damning. Subway has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Below is the photo and video that accompanied the post.


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