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Deadbeat Caught Buying Another Woman’s Groceries . . . With Ex’s ‘Lost’ EBT Card

Mid West

Deadbeat Caught Buying Another Woman’s Groceries . . . With Ex’s ‘Lost’ EBT Card

Kansas City, Missouri — A man claiming to have lost his ex’s EBT card was caught red-handed trying to buy another woman a basket full of groceries.

His ex spotted her baby daddy in the check out line with another woman whose cart was filled to the brim with various items. Since he supposedly “lost” the card, she knew something wasn’t right.

So she and a male companion confronted the deadbeat . . . in front of the whole store.

At first, he tried to lie his way out of it, saying it was a “different” card. When that didn’t work, he had the nerve to say his ex’s child is “both of our kid,” as if that makes it okay for him to lie about losing her card just so he can take another woman on a shopping spree.

The woman he was with (who must have been totally embarrassed at this point) said it was no trouble for her to buy the groceries.

Once security stepped in and the bum realized he was not getting out of it, he gave his ex the card hoping she would leave. But she wasn’t done yet…

His ex then demanded he give her his money too, telling him “let that b**** pay for her own groceries.”

Rather than argue, he hands her some money and then she leaves the store.

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