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College Campus Flyers Encourage LGBT Suicide

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College Campus Flyers Encourage LGBT Suicide

A debate centered around students’ rights to free speech has erupted at Cleveland State University after the school’s tepid response to the posting of a homophobic flyer that encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students to commit suicide.

According to Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper, last week someone or some individuals posted the flyer on a bulletin board in CSU’s main classroom building. It was reportedly posted the same day as the grand opening of the campus’ first LGBTQ center.

On the flyer the silhouette of a man is seen hanging from a noose, LGBTQ suicide statistics, and the words “Follow Your Fellow FAGGOTS.”

Printed on the bottom of the flyer are the words “Fascist Solutions.” No specific person or group has taken responsibility for the act. A similar flyer appeared in Houston earlier this year.

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