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Co-Founder of Black Panther Party Helping Raise Funds for Kids to See “Black Panther”

West Cost

Co-Founder of Black Panther Party Helping Raise Funds for Kids to See “Black Panther”

Over 50 years ago, two men came together to create an organization that would help change the course of American History. Those men were Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, and their organization was called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, better known as the Black Panther Party.

Though Huey P. Newton was murdered on the streets of Oakland in 1989, Bobby Seale is alive and well, carrying on the legacy he, Newton and many others gave their lives and freedom for.

As many know, this weekend saw the release of the long-awaited Marvel film Black Panther. The Black community especially welcomed this film with open arms, snapping photos of themselves dressed in traditional African garb in the final hours leading up to the movie’s Thursday night screening.

Black celebrities and public figures everywhere have been encouraging people to go see the film, whose director is Black along with most of the actors. One of those figures is the honorable Bobby Seale, who is using his platform to take promotional efforts a step further.

Bobby Seale, Facebook

Utilizing his personal profile and Facebook page, Seale is asking the public to send donations so that the youth can go see the film. Here is his request in his own words:

Our children need positive role models! Representation matter!

We need to get children from our community to see this viewing of “Black Panther” movie, who might otherwise not be able to go. Please support the Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign to raise the funds to get this done

Support their fundraiser today!

All Power To The All The People!
Bobby Seale

Seale also included the Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation’s campaign objective in the post, which reads:

The Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation has launched a fundraiser to underwrite a special viewing of the blockbuster, Marvel movie “Black Panther” for local students who might otherwise not be able to experience this important cultural milestone.

We have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise the funds we need to help children go to see “Black Panther,” said Foundation chair and storied animator Leo Sullivan. “Our goal is $3,500, but the more we raise, the more children will see the film.” We are working with the “You Caring” Internet platform for the fundraiser. Here is the link to the Foundation’s You Caring page:

The Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation needs to raise funds to send students to go to see “Black Panther,”, and also, raise funds for safe, school bus transportation to participating theaters. The Foundation is hoping to send several hundred students from the inner city and traditionally African-American neighborhoods to this screening – with the help and financial support of campaign donors.

“I’m excited to think of the delight, the smiles; and, the positive role models this experience will generate,” continued Sullivan. “Representation is important, and this is a rare opportunity for lower-income children to see themselves in positive, superhero roles. That’s priceless.”

The Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation will make arrangements to pick up the children at central locations in the communities from which they come, such as a community center or school where the parents can bring them to to be transported to these special viewings of “Black Panther.” At the conclusion of the screening, they will be transported back to the central locations where they were picked-up and returned to the care of their parents.

“It is necessary for our children to have positive role models,” continued Sullivan, a former Marvel animator himself. “That is why children from our black community need to see the ‘Black Panther.’ This groundbreaking film expands black film narrative, showing our children that that we can be leaders and superheroes.”

Research available to the Foundation shows that kids with positive role models are more motivated in school; and get better grades while raising their chances of college attendance, which, in turn, leads not only to a strong self image, but broader opportunity.

Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation understands the transformative potential of technology. By making access to, and an understanding of technology as an integral part of their lives, we increase your children’s learning and future earning potential. The Foundation’s focused goal is to bring that transformative technology to African American families, both parents and children, by introducing science, technology, engineering, art and math to underserved youth through the new media technology. Programs established and sponsored through partnership by the Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation have the power to benefit children in a myriad of ways: From our outreach programs, such as Hack-a-thon’s that expose children to programming and our Animation/Game Workshops, to the wider distribution of our “Tuskegee Redtails® Graphic Novel,” the Foundation works to increase the interactive content & parental guidance models featured on and

If you’d like to support this initiative, you can make a donation by following this link or sharing it with a friend.


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