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Changed Man or Hypocrite: The Time Eminem Called Black Women the N-Word

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Changed Man or Hypocrite: The Time Eminem Called Black Women the N-Word

Slim Shady has done it again.

Eminem has never been one to shy away from controversy. And his performance on the BET Hip Hop Awards (above) might be one of his boldest moves in recent memory.

In addition to touching on a number of hot topics in the media lately (Charlottesville, Kaepernick and the NFL, immigration, the Las Vegas mass shooting and Puerto Rico, to name a few), the Detroit native sent some direct shots at Donald Trump and his supporters. But there was a twist…

Besides criticizing Trump and his antics, Eminem decided to draw the proverbial line in the sand between himself and his Trump-supporting fans. Political fence straddlers weren’t safe either – his message to them was two middle fingers and a big “f*** you.” In short, you are either with him or against him.

This comes from the same man who once rapped about how he disliked women with big butts, referring to it as “n**** sh!t.”

For the record, the rapper long ago issued a public apology for the remarks, explaining that he made the comments out of anger because at the time he had just broken up with his Black girlfriend.

It seems many have moved on and pardoned the rapper for the distasteful lyrics he spoke as a teen. But in light of the stance he publicly took last night,
the decades-old song has put him back under the microscope.

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