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CDC Report Says Atlanta is Now the Black AIDS Capital of the World!

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CDC Report Says Atlanta is Now the Black AIDS Capital of the World!

According to recent media reports, the HIV rates have gotten so high in Atlanta that it has become a public health emergency.

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly say HIV/AIDS rates in Georgia’s largest city, particularly the downtown area, are as high as in some third-world African countries.

The CDC reportedly estimates that 1 in 51 Georgians will be diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in their lifetime. At an estimated population of 5.6 million people, Atlanta accounts for more than half of Georgia’s total population.

According to reports, since starting a routine testing program 3 years ago, the nationally-renowned medical center Grady hospital has diagnosed an average of two or three patients with HIV every single day.

According to published reports, public health study data suggests that gay men are at the highest risk of contracting HIV.

Reportedly, men with male sex partners have a 33% risk of getting infected. By contrast, Atlanta residents have a less than 20% chance of annually catching the flu.

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